Too Much

If I am asking for too much, tell me so I can disappear and remove all the pressures i am putting on you. If I am too much for you, then maybe this is not love. If you feel in you heart that you rally can’t and don’t want to make the effort to keep me and love me, then tell me so I can let you go. I love you and I want you to be truly happy.

I want me to be happy, too.


secret rendezvous

in the parking lot i wait for you. i smell my breath and check my makeup.

you come in. you say hi and smile that irresistible smile you have.

i lean over and hold your cheek, make you face me and i smell your breath. beer. just beer and no smoke. i like it. i love it.

i kiss you. soft at first. then it slowly become fierce and hard. as if there wont be a next time.

tongues. lips. i bite your lip a little. you bite mine, softly and i love it.

your hand. rough and callused. you touch my thigh. without hesitations your hand goes higher until you touch me there. your fingers. gentle, ever so gentle fingers. they find their destination.

it is heaven.

i moan. i kiss. you kiss back. i call out your name. you kiss me some more.

my phone rings. you let out a soft sigh. i pick it up from the dashboard and i answer it.

i need to get back, they say. we are to head back home. i say okay on my way im driving.

and i kiss you again. harder. harder and i dont ever want to stop.

you touch me again. more eager. more intent. i moan i breath hard.

my fingers. delicate and soft. i find your hardness in the darkness. without looking i managed to open your zipper. your jeans are hiding something. i like that that thing. i touch it and i like it in my hands. you moan. i love hearing you moan. your deep voice that says i surrender. i am yours and yours and yours.

it gets rough. it gets hot. it gets wild in my mind. and your tongue is relentless. you bite my lower lip and i cant get enough of it.

it gets rougher as my phone rings again. i ignore it. it is just you and me. just you and me in my car in my world in my minute in my mind.

Home Alone

For the first time in a very long time, I find myself alone in our house. I know it won’t last long.

These are precious moments!

And, interestingly, I am blogging. Something I can not do when the little man is here. Especially when the little man is around.

Me is happy!


The father of my son leaves the country…to work… It’s not the leaving part that got me excited, it’s the work part. He has not been giving child support for 7 months now, it’s about time he starts helping me out. Whew. Seven months is a long time.

That Time of Year

It’s almost my birthday. I was thinking on not having any party, maybe just us family having dinner or lunch at some nice restaurant. But then some days ago, my big baby boy was dreaming of a cake with a strawberry on top. He kept on saying that we buy him a cake with a strawberry on top. I don’t know where he got the idea, probably on tv. So, I have decided to order some cupcakes and maybe a cake, too, with….guess what… strawberries on top! 🙂 haha!

Meringues Mini-Pink-Cakes-with-Strawberries Strawberry_Cupcakes Strawberry_Shaped_Cake_pops

I forgot where in the net I got these pics… I’m sorry owners. But I’m not claiming them as my own. 🙂 But…………I will be going to my favorite cake man later and i will consult if these he can make. 🙂

I’ll probably have balloons, too! Not for my happiness, but for the big little boy that I just love to see smiling and shouting!