the first time

Moving on from a nasty break up with a cheating husband was not as easy as other people make it seem to be. It was brutal and painful and embarrassing and painful over and over again. But yesterday, after months and months of wallowing in what seemed like a never ending ocean of misery (duh.), i felt free. and happy. and content. and i really do feel like i am finally moving on. *clap clap clap* 

But, because of what happened to my what-seemed-like-a-perfectly-happy-marriage, I am also fearful that this thing that I have now, this happiness, may also end… One day. Because of who-knows-why. 

They say that life is a beautiful struggle. I somehow believe that now. So if this will again be taken away, I must be strong enough and patient enough to once again search for and wait for it to come into my life, into my soul… once again. 


I am presently reading the first installment of the Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore (collective psuedonym of James Frey and Jobie Hughes). Great book. So far. 


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