waking up to allergic rhinitis and thoughts of chicken pox

it’s past 1am, i am awake and my nose is itchy and runny, and i just can’t seem to will my brain cells to rest again… the only good thing i can be thankful for is that at least in moments like this i am not obssessing about the past. not anymore. so this insomnia thing is a lot more bearable. although, the thought that in 4-5 hours i should be preparing for work already isn’t really comforting.

earlier today, i had a pediatric patient with viral exanthems most probably varicella aka chicken pox. and of course the mother failed to mention the rashes (more of vesicles actually) right away; the chief complaint being fever. so the kid-in-me-who-never-had-chickenpox-and-hasn’t-had-the-vaccine-yet was freaking out deep inside when i realized what it was! i had to maintain composure though and just had to hurry giving the prescription and medical advice. thanks to the great ladies at the triage area who didn’t notice(?) or warn me. incubation period is at around 2 weeks…and i’d be in an out of town medical seminar at that time… GOOD LUCK.


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