the weekend

Being mom has changed me a LOT. The single me would have enjoyed the weekend with a good book, lots of tv and internet, lots of sleep and probably some shopping. But yesterday and today were days really well spent on some new cooking and carpentry experience.

Yesterday, i made this Honey Sesame Chicken recipe i got from somewhere in the internet. It was a little bit salty but was deemed quite okay by everyone. So, i guess, it passed.

And I did some cleaning and re arranging in our room. Made a print out of the my favorite Bible verse and framed it.

Earlier today, with the help of my father’s carpenter friend, we made great progress in the table and chair project I am doing for my son, which we started doing about a month ago. The table has been finished more than a week ago. We just finished sanding one of the little chairs. I hope we’d be able to finish the other one before I leave for my 2-week seminar on public health.

I’ll be posting pictures of these things when i actually find the time to transfer the files from our battered digital camera (which my ex gave me some time ago). And oh, reminds me, I might buy me some good DSLR camera this month or the next. That will give me plenty more worthwhile mommy things to do, too.



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