sunny Sunday

sunny Sunday

left: when we first arrived here. it was so foggy and cold
right: sunny Sunday today!

I’ve been here more than a week, and for the first time the sun came out. i am so glad for it. but then again, i am not exactly feeling well, i have been having some tummy problems these past days, so i spent our first “free” day in bed. i was really tempted to have a swim at the the hotel’s pool (the weather was perfect for it) but then my girl friends here weren’t into it…so there, i spent the day in bed, going out of our room only for meals. what a waste of a perfect day.

i do wish that next weekend when my little boy is here, the sun would be as gracious as it was today. i really miss him. we had a little chat via skype earlier and it struck me how much he looks like his dad. i don’t know if i should be mad at that or just be glad that he is actually a good looking fellow. harhar.

hopefully tomorrow is another sunny day. 🙂


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