Girly Thoughts

All the time I was here, there has been this guy that I have been crushing on. He’s not as smart as I wish he were, but… damn, he looks good. I bet he is good in a lot of other things not related to medicine and public management. LOL. But but but. That’s as far as I get. He knows I have a kid. He thinks I’m still married.

Well, my peace and quiet and secretly-crushing-bliss is kinda shattered when I overheard one of the pretty girls telling her friends that she likes him! And she was bragging how she got to flirt with him last night, thanks to some sips of alcohol. You go girl. Argh. Pretty girls get the cute guys. They always do. Not.

I married a really cute guy. Not pretty girl got a cute guy. He married her even. Though in the end he found a really pretty older girl. Wapak! Same story, I guess.

This still-married woman is ranting about a guy… not appropriate!!! But what’s more inappropriate is that this guy seem to have the same body type as my not-so-ex-husband. Tall, lean, tall… haha!

Duh. Enough! It’s past 1am. I feel like a giddy girl, and it’s definitely past my bedtime.


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