Varicella Zoster

The little man has got himself some virus………….Chickenpox.
Guess what! I’ve never had it. So……….. I am scared right now.


I’m tired…

Slept at past 2am because baby had fever. He was irritable and yet still sweet. 

Then, I went to work at 8am, but it’s not the usual clinic day. I went with a team for some field work, where I gave a short lecture on filariasis. 

Then I went to the groceries to buy the ingredients for this week’s menu. Bought some other stuff for the birthday.

Then had a very late lunch with my mom and dad.

Then I went to the local hospital to check on a patient.

I cannot jog today. Too bad.

Baby still has fever.

I’m tired.

Inspirations this week

A little bit of this & that.

Oh, this woman & that dress…

Imagefrom here


Oh, this hair & that bangs!

Imagefrom here


This “hypothetical” ER/hospital lounge sign & all my past experiences with irate patients…

Imagefrom here


And… this train party & how excited I am for my son’s birthday party…so soon… 🙂


from here

I want my son and his kiddie visitors to have a picture together, like the one above, because last year, he wasn’t able to have one.


…back to doing my menu for the week. 🙂

Saying No

My little man can now decide for himself regarding things concerning his body…and he knows how to say NO.

Like right now…His diaper is so full with weewee and is so heavy that his butt crack is showing, but he refuses to have it changed. I don’t like forcing him on things like this. A little later he will concede. I hate having these little kiddie arguments with him about the silliest things! So I have learned that timing is of great importance, plus a little bit of coaxing 🙂 and PATIENCE is the most important of the all the virtues! Hahaha!

Me time

The nanny will be going home for the weekend tomorrow afternoon. So before she does, I will have some me time. Not work related. Not Internet related. Not house chore related. Just me and myself.

To jog.

To jog by the boulevard with the sun setting in the background. 🙂 This will be my 2nd time to do so this month.

And of course, I blog before I go and run. Haha! Just waiting for the right time. It’s still too sunny now, just a few more minutes. 🙂

Consider this part of my stretching routine.

Summer-y thoughts in November

I am just excited for summer. Since I gave birth, I haven’t worn any sexy bikini because I do not want to show the world my stretch marks. I have been planning to buy the highwaist ones but I also have some marks in my upper thigh… These past months I have noticed that my abdomen marks are “fading” somewhat… They used to be reddish. Now they’re just almost the same color as my skin. So there…I am hunting for the perfect bikini.

And I think I have found the bikini bottom that is just perfect for me! I have long heard of but I never really browsed through their products. And then, I found the skirtini!!!


It is not high waist. But I like it a lot. And it will cover the marks in my upper thigh. 🙂

Then there’s this top that is just a darling.


Hmmmmm. I could pair the skirtini and that top! 🙂 Excited!

Summer, here I come!