Day off

I skipped work today to accompany my aunt who needed to have some xrays done, which, btw were clear of anything serious.

Then we went to a seamstress, who happens to be a distant aunt. I asked her make me a dress which I will wear in the local doctors’ Christmas party next month. It’s supposed to be a costume party as well, and we from my city will be wearing Filipiniana. It’s usually an older woman’s clothing, so I have been searching online for modern versions… Then I saw this somewhere (sorry I forgot to save the link, I just saved the pic in my iPad):


It’s reminiscent of a Filipiniana, but it’s definitely chic. I still have to buy the cloth and all though.

Then when I got home, I saw some more pictures of other modern-ish Filipiniana, like this one:

ImageAnd then, I saw this Barong-inspired outfit, and I lalalove it! Which means, I am torn right now. Maybe, I’ll prepare all three, and choose the one I really look good in. Hahaha!

Before we headed home, I dropped by the stationary store and bought some folders and a box of crayons for my love. And this is his first “art work’ (lol).

Image Great! Haha!

Then, I remembered that it’s less than a month before his birthday! And I haven’t really been doing any sort of “preparing” for it. It’s all plans and stuff in my head. Whew. I don’t even have a venue yet. I surely don’t want it done here at home, like last year, because I don’t want to mess up the house. And I still haven’t contacted the caterer. I am so behind schedule…

Anyhoo, while I was contemplating on these things, I saw how messy our room was, with all of his oh-so-many stuffed toys and oh-so-many balls! They’re everywhere! And I remember how I have been wanting to do some diy wire baskets for them. Like this and this and this. And now I’m planning on buying the materials, but! a very big BUT. Painting of the kiddie chairs and table hasn’t been started yet. I have purchased the stuff needed for it, but my carpentry-mentor/assistant/loyal uncle (haha!) isn’t just ready to do it yet. So that project isn’t done, I don’t think I should start another one.

So there…see how my mind is so full of plans and ideas and this and that. Even on a day off…I am a busy busy bee.


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