Summer-y thoughts in November

I am just excited for summer. Since I gave birth, I haven’t worn any sexy bikini because I do not want to show the world my stretch marks. I have been planning to buy the highwaist ones but I also have some marks in my upper thigh… These past months I have noticed that my abdomen marks are “fading” somewhat… They used to be reddish. Now they’re just almost the same color as my skin. So there…I am hunting for the perfect bikini.

And I think I have found the bikini bottom that is just perfect for me! I have long heard of but I never really browsed through their products. And then, I found the skirtini!!!


It is not high waist. But I like it a lot. And it will cover the marks in my upper thigh. šŸ™‚

Then there’s this top that is just a darling.


Hmmmmm. I could pair the skirtini and that top! šŸ™‚ Excited!

Summer, here I come!


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