DIY Hand Painted Tablecloth

I have been looking all over the city for a table cloth that is blue & white striped or red/white, but had been unsuccessful. So I decided to “make” my own. That is paint blue (or red) over a white cloth. I got this idea from here & here during my preparations for his birthday last year, which had an airplane theme. But all I wanted for my cloth are simple stripes. So this is what I did: Image The plan was by placing the masking tapes in parallel to each other and then painting in between, I’d get blue/white and red/white stripes! Simple. But not so easy to do. It was a bet messy. Here are the steps:

First, I taped the corners to the table to keep it from moving around (not really. duh).ImageThen, to have the same width (the whites or unpainted and the blues/reds or painted), I placed a small piece of the tape in between the longs ones. ImageImageDone with this stage! (Note though that the cloth is not stretched as taut as I would have wanted it to be. So you’d see creases along the length, which later gave me problems when I started painting)


…Painting! (That blur in the upper right corner is my hand. I used sponge to paint and not a brush.)Image To hasten drying, I used this big electric dryer of sorts that my uncle lent me.

ImageThrew away all the tape… (I was hoping I could use them for some other project, but, nah…)


And there…tada! All stripe-y and blue and white!


The creases I mentioned earlier resulted in some smudges along the edges of the lines, like so…


But, they won’t be visible from afar. So, I’m not so worried. 🙂

I also made another one (using a smaller piece of cloth) in red.

I will be using these diy table cloth in my son’s birthday party! Oh, I am so excited! 🙂


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