Gift Wrapping Season has Begun!

Oh, have I mentioned how I loved gift wrapping?!!! It’s one of my most favorite activity of all time!!!

Oh, so many exclamations – lol!

That is how excited I become when gift wrapping is involved.

Well, it was my friend’s wedding a few days ago. Plus, her daughter’s 1st birthday, too! So, I HAD to wrap something.



I know, I know… It’s not the usual color & usual paper print for a wedding… but honestly,I forgot to buy paper and ribbon for this one. And those are the one’s I like the most amongst all my wrappers/papers and ribbons… And the colors matched perfectly!


Oh, how I love the print! It’s so vintage! But really, this is some cheap old-fashioned wall paper (cheap but very adorable!). I know a local store which sells these and every now and then I go visit that place to check if they have a new design. I just love their papers!


The smaller gift was for the birthday girl.

And then I didn’t have any ready-made cards so I searched through my stash of colored papers…and tada! I found this pink one! And it was the last one.


The big and the small. Both in lovely pink and roses and bows! 🙂

I am so happy. 🙂

Btw, my boy was the coin-bearer in that wedding. It was his first! 🙂


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