Two Thousand Fourteen!

Haven’t blogged in a while. It’s been a series of parties and get togethers and more parties… I got so busy and tired. And honestly, tomorrow is yet another day to celebrate because it will be my dad’s birthday. THAT will be the last of this party season… whew.

I have a little time now coz the little one is with grandma and some cousins at the beach. Opted to stay home because, honestly, I just want a little me time.


Been playing with my new toy… I love how it can focus like this


and by the way, that’s the dress from this entry Day Off.

For my new year’s resolution…I just want to be able to really live my life without having to constantly think about the past. I want to be able to plan, do and be happy with my boy and my family without having to be affected by him, that woman and his family. It is happening…I can feel it. I just need to be more patient and have faith. It’s just one resolution but it is definitely not so easy to achieve.

Oh well, I need to clean our room and the kitchen while they’re away. Although I am so tempted right now to watch a movie… I dunno.. 🙂


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