My Jello Shot Experience

I have been planning and dreaming about making desserts in shots… But I always find myself too busy or there’s this ingredient I can’t find in our local grocery store or it’s just to inconvenient to do…and so on and so forth…

Then came this reunion party my high school classmates have been wanting us to have…to which I volunteered to host…in my house… whew. It got me too excited that I forgot how much effort is needed for a house party, how messy it can get, how tiring preparing for it can be, and then how tiring cleaning up can be. One word: whew. It was indeed all those things. But I was a happy girl despite despite despite it all.

One thing that made me really happy was this:

ImageActually, that was the only 1 in a wine glass. It doesn’t look so nice no? The rest were in small plastic glasses.

I got the idea from HERE. But I placed the white layer in between the red and the green layers.

Making it was not as easy as it seemed, especially since it was my first time dealing with jello/gelatine.

Lesson: if you waited to long to transfer the gelatine mix into the glasses, they become too sticky and this can happen.Image

Lesson: But if you don’t wait long enough to let the first color solidify, then this can happen:


The white layer in the cup at the far right has seeped into the bottom…so there I have 2 white layers. Next time, I should give the first layer time to solidify.

Well, anyway, at the end I was able to make these:


They’re not perfect. But, they’re presentable enough. I was told, by the way, that they tasted quite good. And oh, I almost forgot to share that in those layers are different kinds of alcoholic beverages, not just vodka. I just experimented with the ones I had at home. 🙂

I topped them with whipped cream just before serving. LESSON: whipped cream will lose its fluffy shape fast, so place it in right before serving.

ImageForgot to take pictures of the ones with the cherries on top. 😦

Oh well, that was my jello shot experience. Will do it again next time! Definitely!



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