Food Inspirations This Week

I have never liked cooking before. I was never interested in learning. Then I had a baby… and then it dawned on me that I want to be able to cook for him. I want to be the the kind of mom who cooks for their kids and gets a sloppy kiss-of-thanks afterwards. Oh, what a thought! So I decided to start learning now while he’s young, so that by the time he starts to appreciate adult food, I’d be “good” at cooking already. That’s one very specific goal for me!

I have started to learn a few months ago, mostly with the help of a cook book and the internet; sometimes my son’s nanny would give me some pointers. But because of my work and other activities, I never really get to do this at a regular basis. Well, now that the holidays are over, there are no more parties to plan, organize and host; no more gifts to wrap; our lives are back to “normal”… I plan to cook as many dinners this week. Last night I was making our menu for the week, and these were my inspirations (most I actually included in our menu, the others would remain as “inspirations”).

ImageFried Mashed Potato Balls from here



Homemade Pimento Cheese from here



Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cupcakes from here

although I wouldn’t be able to bake, because our oven is broken… but I can definitely do the frosting! I’d buy the cupcakes, then just put frosting on top of it! wahla!



Thai Inspired Sweet & Spicy Mango Salad from here



Gambas from here



Creamy Chicken Alfredo Pasta from here



Sinanglay na Tilapia from here


Okay, my mouth is watering already! And I am too damned excited to cook! We already went to the grocery earlier today to buy most of the ingredients. I brought along the little man. Oh, how I love buying groceries with him!

So, I might post pics of my versions of those foodies posted above…depends on how successful those would be! Hahaha!


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