What I was About to Say…but didn’t

I was not going to react on this the first time it happened… when i heard from a common friend of ours how you brother ranted about me me me and why we broke up (never mentioning your affair)… but then there’s a second time…another relative…worse stories… and I thought, your family apparently (it’s not just your mom and you) have this tendency to tell false stories about other people. You see, it has been established that you have a relationship with your first degree cousin, and so you left the little family that we were supposed to build. unless of course you have amnesia now, and would yourself deny this.

So, I wonder…why would your family add more insult and hurt to mine by telling people (still) that the break up was all on me, because I was this and I was that…the usual… and, take note of this…because this is the important part… they deny any extramarital incestuous relations between you and our wedding sponsor/our son’s godmother. Sigh.

Lying was your thing. And of course, it was hers too. I tried to understand that you two had to do it because you were at first afraid your family would judge. Now  that they have accepted the two of you and in fact embraced your relationship which has made you brave enough to post pictures of the two of you together etc, why do your lot still have to make false witness on me? was the pain and insult of what you have done when you cheated on me not enough? am I that bad a person? or is this lying thing a family business? if not. and if you still respect your son (if not me) then please talk to these people and tell them to just shut up unless they would tell the truth. Because things like this make me question why I should let my son spend time with your family…….they fight in front of strangers (not just your mom & dad now, your brother & the mother of her son are apparently the same), they are okay with incest, they are okay with extramarital affairs, and they have this knack to spread false rumors…. I want my son to grow up with values, the kind that I grew up in. I am not perfect, no one is. But I do not have it in me to destroy other people or to cause them any unnecessary pain just for my happiness.

If it’s your family’s reputation you are worried about. Damn it, do I need to suffer for things I did not do just so you guys could tell people you are godly and innocent?

If it’s my reputation your family wants to destroy… I have no cares for reputation. I know who I am. And the important people of my life know that too. But my parents……… they would hurt over things like this. If you guys hate me, hate on. But my parents have been nothing but generous to you. Remember that.

Thank you for your time.


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