Hopeful Tuesday

Hopeful Tuesday

“Thanks for loving me despite what bearing your children did to my body.”

When I was newly wed, my then husband told me I must stay in shape. He said, he would give me 100 thousand bucks every year if I maintain my waistline at a certain measurement. The young and foolish me agreed to the that, thinking that it was just a simple challenge.

Now, I know better. If someone loves you, really loves you, then there would be no such “agreements” or “challenges”…nothing that involves a standard that is so skin-deep.

I am now a hopeful single mom. Hopeful for a future where there would be this man who would love me and care for me even if I become as big as a whale or if a lose all the fats in my body, so long as I am happy and that I am able to make my family happy.


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