Field Day: The Beach

Another field day, another side trip.


This picture is as it is. No filters, no edits.

What I love about my job is I have fairly a lot of control over my time, and I try to spend as much time in the more remote areas as possible. Seeing patients in the clinic is great. But since not all of them have the means to visit the clinic, for whatever financial and physical reasons, I try to make it my duty to go to them instead.

Today, I went to visit a bed ridden stroke patient. She has been a hypertensive patient for some time but didn’t gave much thought to her illness until the day she had her stroke. Now, she couldn’t move half her body. She used to be a baker, now she couldn’t even take a bath without help.

Today was the third time I have visited her. Every time I came to see her, she always cries. And that pains me… and I know that the only way I can make her feel better is by visiting her and making her feel important — because she is. To me, at least.

And, with field days, there is always a side trip. This place I went to was a fishing community…so of course, there’s a beach! White sand at that. The perks of this job! But I didn’t take a swim, because I hadn’t brought any swim wear of sorts… pictures and memories were all I got, but these things I’ll be bringing with me forever.

Looking forward to my next field day!


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