Still my Parent’s Baby Girl

The end of my marriage has definitely strengthened  my relationship with my parents. My son and I are living with them now, and people would tell us that my son seems like their own child, that he looks just like my brother. It’s an amusing thought. But what I really like about this set up is that he has my dad for a father figure.

Now, living with them has its ups and downs. Mostly ups, thankfully. They are pretty cool for parents.

But tonight was amusing.

An old friend invited me for dinner, but it was to be in the next city. Parents aren’t so sure about my driving skills yet, and since it’s night time, they are more wary. So okay, I let my father drive for me, and because going home was of course going to be a problem too (since in this part of the world there are no buses operating at night), mother decided to come along, too, so that they can have a little date of their own while I spend time with my friend. Cool idea.

So there…dinner at a resto over looking the sea…the weather was good…the view was good…conversation was great… then as we were just finishing, I saw my parents waiting for me in a corner!!! Goodness! I felt like a fragile little girl who finally gets to go out to see her friends but she actually had CHAPERONES with her to make sure nothing “bad” happens to her!!! Of course, I couldn’t make them wait for much longer; my father’s patience isn’t that long and stretchable.

So, I am home now, so early, so very early. 🙂 Safe and sound.


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