After a couple of days of blissful sunlight, the clouds came back yesterday. And yet, there was still some beauty to the sky, all gray and gloomy and cloudy.

Life should be like that, too. No matter how down we feel and how sad life would seem to be, we need to see the beauty or the good in the situation. I had a patient earlier today and she was telling me so many things that were not related to her condition anymore…stuff about her life, problems and worries. And I listened, I let her speak and speak. Because there was a moment there that I realized I must sound like her to my friends. And she needed me to listen like I needed my friends to listen to me; she needed me to listen more than she needed my prescription and medical advice.

And I think the best thing I told her then was for her to pray. Because no matter how gloomy life gets, there is still some beauty to it. 🙂 And that gives us hope.


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