When Moving On Takes Another Level

There’s a guy who keeps on texting me now. He said he wants to be friends. He is a friend’s friend, introduced to me some weeks ago. He works in a bank. I’m glad he texts. But I don’t want this to get to any other level. Problem now is he wants to visit me at home. Like tomorrow. And I don’t know if I am ready for that yet. I like having him as my text mate though.

There’s a guy at work. A nurse. He is cute and very unassuming. But all the other ladies at work just can’t help but flirt with him. He doesn’t seem so affected by them though. I look forward to the mornings when he would greet me “good morning, doc!” and the afternoons he would say “good bye, doc!”. And oh, he has a dimple!

There’s a guy I sleep beside with each night. He now knows how to count from 1 to 10. He can now say “thank you”, “please”, “welcome”, “excuse”. I love his smile and his giggles. I am always excited to get home after work because of him.

I don’t know where I am in the stages of moving on. But one thing I know, that last guy is my best guy. I will never get into any relationship unless it will be for his best. The next man who will be a part of my home must love him and care for him more than he should love and care for me. The biological father surely loves my son, but he surely loves himself much much more than my little man— A sad sad reality that I must live with and something I do not know yet how to explain to the boy.

Oh well, for now, I will look forward to and enjoy the texts and conversations of my pseudo-suitor. For now, I will look forward to going to work to see the nurse and maybe, just maybe, have some moments with him in the pantry—alone, haha! For now, I will look forward to coming home to that little guy I love so dearly and mightily. For now, I am thankful and content.

And next week, I am seeing a lawyer to discuss the legal aspects of my “moving on”! Exciting!


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