Sadly, is “Growing Old Together” a Thing of the Past?

One of my close friends, whom I haven’t been in contact with for a while now, suddenly texts me asking who my lawyer is… That question felt so heavy, I suddenly felt so sad, without knowing what the reason for the sudden message.

So, I asked her…and she told me she is tired of fighting, that I know her to be someone who doesn’t need anyone, and that it would be better to be alone than be in a relationship that is just so full of fights. Obviously, they’re not okay. But I never got to ask her what the reason of the fights are. As much as I wanted to call her I know I would just annoy her by asking to many questions.

Well, I did give her the number of my lawyer, but I told her, too, to be sure about her decision. Because I know that the early part of marriages will always be about adjusting, and fights and misunderstandings are a normal and necessary thing. That she needs to think hard and deep for her daughter (an adorable 1 year old).

Actually, for some time in the past, I was envious of her…somehow…because they seem to be such a happy couple, while I have been replaced by another woman. But after all the understanding that came along with the moving on process, I felt the happiness for her marriage. Now though, I really feel so sad. People like me need hope from happy couples. Happy couples obviously have problems, too, but they stay together, they stay strong. With this sad news, I am asking myself, is their hope for marriage in our age now? Or is the concept of “growing old together” a thing of the past?

I still want to hope. 🙂


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