Should I Be Impressed?

After that short secret rendezvous with Mr. Banker where ALL WE DID WAS TALK, by the way, we have both decided it’s time to not keep our “friendship” a secret anymore. At least not to my parents. So he visited me at home last night. 🙂 I felt like a high school girl who is entertaining suitors at home because her mommy will get mad if she does the entertaining outside of the house. Hahaha!

But I felt glad that this man is willing to go traditional for me. Although I am still so very much aware of our status, which is that we are nothing but FRIENDS. And by my demands, there should NOT be any benefits. Although he was able to hold my hand the last time we were together, after a lot of coaxing… hahaha!

So, should I be impressed? Is this man for keeps? Or is he just like all other guys, in pursuit of that one thing, after which they all just lose interest in you…?


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