Losing things…Letting go…

Went on a 2-day field work to one of the islands in this city. Loved the work and very happy to help the natives, though at the end of the day I was too tired to enjoy the night with my team.

But in the morning, my heart was broken to find my 2-month old Sony NEX5t and my iPhone 4 and some cash stolen. Damn right, they were taken from my bag while I was asleep. I was mad for a little while…still a little heart broken…but then, material things aren’t meant to be with you forever.

Less than a day from the incident, I have accepted that they are gone and that I need to look forward to the day I would be able to afford another good camera and smart phone.

πŸ™‚ doctor danne is still happy and smiling…soldiering on through this hunger-games-kind-of-life… πŸ™‚


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