Life is Short

Life is Short

I don’t want to rush into things…not with things that involve matters of the heart.
But I don’t want to waste my time waiting as well. Life is short.


And the Waiting Begins

He tells me he loves me. And then when I told him he may wait as long as a year, maybe even 2…he was kinda stunned…for a short while. Oh, and then he cried. I don’t know why he did at that time because he just won’t tell me and I don’t like to bug him. But later, he said it was because he was trying to just say goodbye and tell me that he won’t wait…but just couldn’t. That he couldn’t bear the thought of not having me in his life anymore. What a sensitive guy! I’m not sure yet if that is a good or a bad thing.

And so the waiting begins.

I already talked with the ex about the specifics of the annulment. He agreed to everything. Good…great! So I will be contacting the lawyer soon and hopefully before this month ends, the process has already begun.

And the waiting begins.

Moving On.

Lost Highway

Who would have ever thought this is happening.
It is like my dream has come true.

I know I think so much.
At least I feel so happy when I am around you.
Things are progressing slowly,
and I am willing to take this risk, and I will try to stay, for you and myself.

Today, I got your support.
That was the sweetest words I have ever heard from you so far.

Thank you 🙂

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Summer in the Island

Went to one of the two islands in my city for field work. I have been looking forward to this opportunity because the last time I was in this island, I really thought it was very beautiful and clean. I gave a lecture to the residents and then saw patients for consultations. After that, it was just one wonderful summer island experience. Enjoy the pictures!

I’m still shy to show you guys my face and all. (I keep on hoping that none of my friends or people who actually know me would stumble upon this blog. Please!) I had that tattoo as a way of reminding myself always that indeed sometimes you need to let things go.

ImageIt was low tide and this starfish was just bathing itself in the afternoon sun. Farther away are kids looking for sea urchins. I’m not really sure what they do with it. I think, and I am guessing here, they pickle it or something. Dunno.

ImageThere’s my co-worker and friend, who did not come prepared for the beach. 🙂


This island is not a resort. It is a simple fishing community with simple, loving folks living in it. It is clean and just breath taking!

ImageAnd at this time of year, middle of summer, the water was so still…traveling to and from the island was so wave-free and therefore stress-free. They say, during the monsoon season, a boat can be tossed high up in the waves and only islanders (who are great “boat drivers” and swimmers) risk to travel these seas.


Aside from being fishermen/women, they also make “banig” or mats. The material grows locally. The leaves are first dried and then dyed and then woven into these beautiful mats.

ImageImageAnd of course, the sunset. Just perfect.

ImageImageAnd then after dinner, instead of sleeping in the room they provided for me, I opted to sleep in a tent at the beach. And I didn’t make the wrong decision. Demit, the night was so beautiful! Before going in the tent, my friends and I laid in a mat and gazed at the stars. The sky was so full of stars, there were fireflies flying around, the wind was not too strong and not too cold, and the silence, oh the silence! We stayed up until around 1 am just talking about everything and anything and gushing every now and then on how wonderful and how perfect the night was. Of course, my Nex 5t couldn’t take photos of the stars nor the fireflies. But trust me, it was all amazing!

This little house is where the fishermen would clean and store the fishes they catch, before they deliver them to whoever their buyers are.


Bonfire!ImageSummer 2014 is not over yet…but this is definitely the highlight of mine.

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