And the Waiting Begins

He tells me he loves me. And then when I told him he may wait as long as a year, maybe even 2…he was kinda stunned…for a short while. Oh, and then he cried. I don’t know why he did at that time because he just won’t tell me and I don’t like to bug him. But later, he said it was because he was trying to just say goodbye and tell me that he won’t wait…but just couldn’t. That he couldn’t bear the thought of not having me in his life anymore. What a sensitive guy! I’m not sure yet if that is a good or a bad thing.

And so the waiting begins.

I already talked with the ex about the specifics of the annulment. He agreed to everything. Good…great! So I will be contacting the lawyer soon and hopefully before this month ends, the process has already begun.

And the waiting begins.


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