The Books I Can’t Read

I have always been a book lover. I grew up pretty much alone, having no siblings or neighbors to play with, and so as a child I turned my attention to television and books. But the latter was the one that really got my heart.

Lately, though, I just can’t find time to read. I think I have around 5 – 10 books waiting for me to allow them to share their wonderful secrets. But, what with work and my son and 2 Broke Girls and Facebook and the pseudo love…whew…just couldn’t find the time. And this is making my brain cells pretty sad and lonely.

My latest purchase is this and after more than 2 weeks, I’m still at page 12 (wadafa!):

ImageI am a big fan of George RR Martin (and NOT BECAUSE OF THE hit HBO series GOT!). I have been reading his work since early 2004. I haven been in love with Jon Snow since 2005. And I have had a lesbo crush with Daenerys since 2006 (I almost named my child Daenerys, but he’s a he). I almost named my boy Oberon (not because of Shakespeare) but because of Oberyn (but he died and I couldn’t name my child after a dead character). Etc etc etc… I could go on and on but…enough!

But, before GRRM, I have already been a fantasy lover. There was, of course, The Lord of the Rings. That started it and I never looked back. After that I couldn’t digest Nicholas Sparks anymore, I hated the Twilight books, and all other books with “normal” stories just seemed normal. Even the Harry Potter series seemed a bit juvenile. I’m sorry to whoever I am offending right now.

GRRM though introduced to me a different genre: sci fi. I hated it at first. In my mind, it was all metal and planets and robots and Star Wars-ish thingies. I’m sorry again to whoever I am offending. But, after I read GRRM’s Dreamsongs, I started to have an affair…and it’s no secret. He He! This book, Dying of the Light, is another affair in the making, although we could never really go beyond 1st base. I NEED TIME AND SOME PEACE & QUIET AND A PLACE WITH NO INTERNET.

Of course, I have the time to blog about not having time to read. Yey. Well, at this time, I know that if I start reading I’d fall asleep right away so I just spend this extra peaceful time (the boy is asleep shhh) in front of my laptop typing this blog and knowing that Facebook is just one click away should I start getting sleepy.

I’ll try my very best to finish reading this book (and the others, including the Jeffrey Archer book) this year. I think I should include that in my 2014 Things to Do List. Hmmmm.



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