Fictional Bucket List #4

yeah…me, too 🙂

The Roaming Librarian

Associated Book/Series: Pride and Prejudice

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So many uncertainties… questions in my head… my tired tired head.

Rain Rain You Can Stay

It’s bed weather here. I think I’m skipping field work. Anyway, the roads are wet and slippery, and I don’t think there would be patients anyway. So I’ll just catch up on my paper works, and there’s this narrative about our relationship history for our annulment, and there’s this invitation I have to make for a general meeting the doctors will be having this weekend…and etc etc.

Okay, so work work work…even in this bed weather…and there’s this pair of little hands who keeps on interrupting my typing because he wants to type, too. 🙂 Annoying but super adorable!

The Kind Of Love That’s Still Worth Believing In


Thought Catalog

I believe in waking up to a good morning text. Not because you feel like you need to do it, or because you saw someone do it in a movie one time, but because the first thing you want to do when you wake up without me is to feel like I’m next to you. I’ll write you just before I go to bed — I always get to sleep later — and when I wake up, your response will be there:

“Good morning, beautiful.”

I want to hold your hand across the table at dinner, without even realizing I’m doing it. I believe in public displays of affection that never feel public, because we don’t even notice anyone’s around us. Sometimes we’ll be that couple on the train who is kissing in the corner, and neither of us will care, because this world could use a little more love…

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