Inspirations this week

A little bit of this & that.

Oh, this woman & that dress…

Imagefrom here


Oh, this hair & that bangs!

Imagefrom here


This “hypothetical” ER/hospital lounge sign & all my past experiences with irate patients…

Imagefrom here


And… this train party & how excited I am for my son’s birthday party…so soon… 🙂


from here

I want my son and his kiddie visitors to have a picture together, like the one above, because last year, he wasn’t able to have one.


…back to doing my menu for the week. 🙂


I don’t know when I started to adore this woman—Angelina Jolie. She’s not perfect, she’s not a shiny-shimmering-splendid kind of girl, but I just like that strong, I-don’t-care-what-you-say attitude she has. Plus, she’s a mom of 6 and she seems to be doing everything with grace.

I am excited to see her latest film out next year.

Anyhoo, the mommy in me had a very hectic day. Groceries, visit at dentist, pay some bills, bought the paint and other materials for the kiddie chairs and table (finally.), cooked dinner (finally. it’s my first time since my trip).ImageAnd it’s the first one I actually liked. Hahaha!


Oh, I wonder if Angie does these things, too. I bet, she has a more glamorous version of my mommy duties. But, a mommy nevertheless.

And as a grand finale to my long day, my son, who thinks he’s a human spinning top, spun and spun to his delight. He was so happy, I just let him do as he pleased. Then he slipped and fell and hit his lip and it bled a little. His giggles became sobs in an instant. Poor boy. And all i can hope is that he learns his lesson and doesn’t try that stunt again. Which I doubt. Duh.

Unbroken, that’s the title of Angie’s film. And just seeing that word makes me feel a little ashamed of myself. For there are so many people who suffered more than I did, yet they came out unbroken. My heart and my character have been tested and broken, and now I am still trying to fix them. I am not perfect, I am broken, I made mistakes I am not proud of, and I can only hope that the universe will give me enough time to put back together the pieces— another chance to prove my worth.