Too Much

If I am asking for too much, tell me so I can disappear and remove all the pressures i am putting on you. If I am too much for you, then maybe this is not love. If you feel in you heart that you rally can’t and don’t want to make the effort to keep me and love me, then tell me so I can let you go. I love you and I want you to be truly happy.

I want me to be happy, too.


Break down moments: a shout out



And these are my thoughts:

“I have my faults. I know. But I would never do to you what you have done to me.
I am not perfect. I am not as understanding and as open minded as that woman. But I would never do to her what she had done to me.

So go away. Give me peace. Give me quiet. Give me space. Because I hate you right now. I am mad at you right now. I do not respect you right now. You are the worst person there is in my world right now. And I do not feel this way just because. I feel all these things because you did stuff…bad stuff…to me and my family.

So go away.

For now. “